Software Technology Solutions

Our mission is simple:
Provide software and business solutions at an affordable price.

Core Competencies



We design all our solutions with the end customer in mind using cutting edge solutions.


We develop all products using the latest technologies: PHP, Java, .net, WordPress, Tableau, PowerBI, Hadoop, Python and more.


We offer 24-hour support to all our customers.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

- Steve Jobs

Our Services

Web Development Services

We offer web development, web redesign and web hosting services that will create a successful online presence for your business!

Mobile App Services

Our mobile app development team will build you award winning mobile apps across all mobile platforms.

E-Commerce Service

Let us take your brick and mortar business and give it an online presence.


Whether your organization is experienced with Tableau or getting started, our Tableau consulting team is standing by to discuss your next project.

General Coding

Let us be partner with on your .Net, Java, C++, PHP, Python and Ruby development projects to delivery your project on time and within budget.

Cloud Migration

We will take your organization’s digital assets, resources and services and applications and migrate them into the cloud.

Project Management

We work with our clients to assess the current level of maturity, develop an achievable improvement plan, and help keep the momentum going by supporting the execution and measurement of the recommended improvements.

Data Analyst

Let us turn your data into a competitive advantage. We will build you a modern data platform that will deliver real-time analytics to drive better business decisions.

Big Data & Analytics

Utilization of available data to solve business problems calls for expertise in the implementation of platforms and tools. We partner with our clients to deliver the end-to-end implementations of big data and analytics solutions.

Work Environment

We constantly strive to create a strong spirit of camaraderie, a cohesive work community and a collaborative environment.

We've Helped The Best Brands Thrive


Work station & Infrastructure.

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Nontechnical Work

$59 / hr average rate!

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$99 / hr average rate!

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Grab New Year Offer

Let us create you a new website for your business. You will receive 25% discount off our normally rates.

"Building a good relationship does not happen by accident, it happens by design."

- Clare Muscutt